Allargue is in bloom this June

The Corgarff Games take place mid-June, with the pipe band, terrier racing, whisky…
It’s a beautiful time of year to be up with the heather starting to come out and the rhododendrons in full bloom.

— photos by Harry Walker.

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Driven day in October

The Allargue estate walk

We held an estate walk in conjunction with Purdey, The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and Snowmobile Scotland. It was well attended and included a tour of the estate, sighting of black cock and ended in a BBQ of roe burgers from the estate, heroically cooked by Tim – despite the snow, hail and rain!

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

Spring has sprung and the skies are filled with curlews, peewits, oyster catchers and so many  bright yellow siskins. Tramping about the hills, we saw toads and ponds filled with spawn. There were patches of rust red sphagnum poking out between the woody winter heather, and buds starting to open indicating that summer is on its way. Though there aren’t any lambs yet. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks.

As is often the way in the Cairngorms, we found ourselves in thigh-high snow drifts on one day, and getting sunburned pink the next. On Easter Monday we headed down to the river with a grill to cook sausages on a chance boiling hot day. Bliss.