Cranberry jam

There are lots of cranberries on the hill at this time of year. They take hours of picking, but are worth the effort. This week, I picked 1lb 2oz of cranberries, and made three pots of jam!

Bell heather round the birch wood

Early Summer. The bell heather is just out in the Birch wood, as well as lots of other beautiful wild flowers.

Spring party

….what a difference a few days make!

Winter weekend at Allargue

Lots of snow on the ground, but clear blue skies so we went on a trip up Carn Ealasaid to make the most of the views.

August at Allargue

Just one month has passed, and the hillside is now coated in purple heather, with patches of sphagnum moss, cranberries, blaeberries, foxglove and tiny yellow tormentil. There are coveys of grouse and hares on the moor, trout in the river and we spotted all sorts of other wildlife in a single morning – from a beautiful owl to Mr Toad, hopping round a peat bog.

July at Allargue

Buttercups, broom, lambs and grouse spotted on the moors…