What a difference a day makes…

April hail in London is headline news … meanwhile, at Allargue …
No electrics, trees down everywhere from the weight of the snow and exhausted from digging!


Winter is back!

Just as the clocks went forward, the daffodils came out and it seemed that spring had arrived, winter returned and The View was covered in snow again! More snow due tomorrow — but we’re hoping that the grouse should be fine as it’s still a bit early for nesting.

Snow at Allargue


When they said there would be a “light dusting” of snow in The Cairngorms we never could have anticipated what happened over the first weekend of February. Picking up Rachel and Thomas from the airport was precarious — thank goodness for the Land Rover — though even that wouldn’t make it up Allargue Hill, so we had to walk the last part in knee-deep snow and go dig it out the next day!

August 2018