Alpine at Allargue

We have had so many of those marvellous Alpine days lately, with warm sunshine and beautiful fresh snow. It’s ideal for skiing, especially because we are next door to the Lecht, and can be first on the slopes — last week we were the only ones there for an hour.
Late last year, a stretch across the Don River was cleared, so now we can see Luib bridge and the Milton cottage from the house. A new view for a new year!


Driving along The Old Military Road, near Glenshiel


Boxing Day at Allargue

For all the dreich weather in the lead up to Christmas, all was forgiven on Boxing Day when the clouds parted and the sun shone down on us all as we yomped out to the birch wood to work-off Christmas Day dinner!

Christmas Day at Allargue

… including an evening of C-themed fancy dress!

Red sky at night …

We’ve been having the most amazing red skies recently.
It’s hard to resist hopping in the car and driving up the hill to watch the clouds as they move and change colour.