Lonach Highland Gathering & Games 2013

Lonach Games


We had lots of friends staying to celebrate the 172nd Lonach Games. It’s always a very special day for us, as it was founded by our ancestor Sir Charles Forbes, and Thomas and Harry always march as part of The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society.

They have an early start. Checking that their plaid is in place, and that they haven’t forgotten their sgian-dubh or any other vital accoutrements! The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society then start marching through the glen, stopping for several drams of whisky on route.

We head into Strathdon, and sit in the stands, to watch the traditional games: tossing the caber, dancing and piping competitions, the hill race, tug-o-war. Zilla can remember the games when it was just a local event, but now tens of thousands of people flock to Strathdon especially for the occasion.

The Lonach men then march into the stadium, and there’s lots of whopping as the boys walk past. As you can see from the photographs, it was a dreich day this year. The best tip for Lonach though is to always come armed with a roll of binbags, just in case!

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