Pudding Sandwich

Allargue Pudding Sandwich

Pudding Sandwiches have become a somewhat infamous dessert here. They were allegedly invented at Allargue back in 1944, when guests unexpectedly turned up, and the pantry was bare. Pudding sandwiches have a certain wartime-ration feel…but are the perfect snack on the hill.

Pudding Sandwich
Serves 2

2 slices of brown bread
Lashings of butter (room temperature for ultimate spreadability)
1 generous tablespoon of brown sugar
1 generous tablespoon of sultanas

1. Butter the bread. Don’t scrimp here. A nice thick layer is key – both for taste, and also for getting the brown sugar to stick.
2. Sprinkle the sugar and then the sultanas on one slice of bread. Put the other slice on top. Gently press down, and cut into four triangles.

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